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EEG-1164 amplifier.


General. This product is replaced by the EEG-1166 amplifier

This amplifier is the predecessor of all other types. This type is no longer manufactured. It was designed for ultra portability with emphasis on smallest possible size, maximum number of EEG channels and patient confort. Maximum number of amplifiers of this type in one system is 4. All other amplifiers are derived from this amplifier.

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Amplifier specifications.

BRAINBOX® EEG-1164 Amplifier
Designed for ultra portability and patient convenience in smallest possible case.
Designed for maximum system performance regarding total number of EEG channels. (max. 256 with 4 amplifiers)
EEG Channels have digital FIR filter with linear phase and -40 dB at 1/2 sample rate.
Multipin connector for direct Electrode Cap connection.
68 pin
Stackable Touchproof input box for ultra portability.
Large Touchproof input box connectable with flat cable for flexibility..
Power and control over Daisy chain BRAINBUS Connection. Low voltage power supply. (5 V dc)
BRAINBUS Address automatically selected by INBOX channel range.
Real input calibration, calibration voltage is applied to electrode input.
Electrode impedance check with indication in EEG application running on PC.
Brainbox protocol.

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