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EEG-1142 amplifier.


BRAINBOX® EEG-1142 Amplifier.
This “smallest of the world” EEG amplifier measures only 9 x 10 x 1 cm and weighs less than 100 gram. Indeed very small, but with excellent performance! The Digital FIR filters have a linear phase response and attenuate -40dB (!)at ½ Sample Rate for very low aliasing errors in your analysis results. The very small size of the amplifier is convenient for ambulatory recording. The EEG-1142 has full electrode impedance check circuits and in Calibration mode the Calibration Voltage is applied to the real input of the amplifiers for a real overall test of the amplifier. Active ground G1/G2 suppresses 50/60 Hz. in noisy environments and SpO2 and Event button are supported in this amplifier. Additionally to the 32 EEG channels, there are 8 DC channels for recording the output of special sensors. More EEG-1142 amplifiers could be used for multiple patient recording with one interface and one PC.

EEG-1142 amplifier
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Amplifier specifications.

BRAINBOX® EEG-1142 Amplifier
Designed for ultra portability and patient convenience in smallest possible case
Designed for maximum system flexibility regarding EEG- and DC channels, while maintaining the possibility of a large number of EEG channels by adding other amplifiers. (Max. 224 EEG channels)
EEG Channels have digital FIR filter with linear phase and -40 dB at 1/2 sample rate
DC channels
G1/G2 active Gnd. for suppression of mains interference in noisy environments
Clip-on connector for direct Electrode Cap connection
68 pin
Large Touchproof input box connectable with flat cable for flexibility
Stackable Touchproof input box for ultra portability
Touchproof input box with holder slot for amplifier and mounting possibility on a microphone stand.
SpO2 input
EVENT input
Separate SpO2
Separate EVENT
Power and control over Daisy chain BRAINBUS Connection. Low voltage power supply. (5 V dc)
BRAINBUS Address automatically selected by INBOX channel range
Real input calibration, calibration voltage is applied to electrode input
Electrode impedance check with indication in EEG application running on PC
Extended Brainbox protocol

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