Network setup for Ethernet-102 (V2) interface.

The Ethernet-102 (V2) interface don't support DHCP services. The IP address used by the Ethernet-102 (V2) interface is always fix. (by default If the Ehternet-102 (V2) interface will be connected to a network with DHCP services and the default IP address of the interface is in the DHCP-range you get problems with your network.

The best solution is to use the Ethernet-102 (V2) Interface in a 'point to point' connection to a PC without other network devices. In a 'point to point' connection no DHCP service is active so the PC and the Ethernet-102 (V2) Interface can use both a fix IP address.

Procedure to set your PC to a fix IP-address.
First select the MyNetwork settings icon on your desktop. NetworkIcon
Select the properties of this icon with the right mouse button. Then you get a dialog with network connection like this.
LAN connection
Select the properties of this LAN-connection icon by pressing the right mouse button.
LAN properties
Select the Internet-protocol (TCP/IP) component an press the property button below the list box.
properties for IP address

For a 'point to point' connection you need a fix IP-address.

Select the second option.

Fill-in then IP-address for the used PC. The IP-address needs to be different from the IP-address of the Ethernet-102 (V2) Interface. In our case different for

Set the Subnet mask to

Set the standard gateway to

DNS support is not needed, so don't fill-in anything here.

Press the OK-button and close all the dialogs related to the network settings. Now it must be possible to make a connection with the Ethernet-102 (V2) Interface. Use for the phisical connection between the PC and the Ethernet-102 (V2) interface a CAT-5 cross cable.
Braintronics address