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BRAINBUS Isolator for mini
EEG amplifier.


The ISO-101 provides galvanic isolation between the BRAINNET and the BRAINBUS for data and power supply.

  ISO-101 Isolator
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The small galvanic Isolator ISO-101 is used in a system with the mini EEG Amplifiers EEG-1142 and EEG-1166. Only one ISO-101 isolator is needed for up to 4 amplifiers, keeping size and weight at a minimum. The ISO-101 is the communication link between the ETHERNET-102 Interface and the mini EEG Amplifiers (the large amplifier EEG-1042 has an isolator built-in). The galvanic isolation of the ISO-101 complies to the safety requirements of EN60601/1 class II, CF applied part equipment.

BRAINBUS Isolator for mini EEG amplifiers Specifications.

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