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ETHERNET-102 V2 Interface.


The ETHERNET-102 V2 is the new version of the ETHERNET-102 inteface and suports a number of new I/O ports.

  • Wall Event input.
  • General Stimulus trigger output.
  • Serial I/O port.
  • 4 DC input channels with one ref. output.

The ETHERNET-102 V2 is the universal network interface for all our BRAINBOX® amplifiers. It CONNECTS to an RJ45 wall outlet of your LAN or directly to the Ethernet adapter of your PC.

The two BRAINNET inputs connect to one or two amplifiers and a stimulator and provide the 24V power and data communication to the rest of the system. The box is wall mountable with hidden screws and has colored LED’s as status indicators to recognize from a distance if it’s in the right mode. The 8 bits digital input and 8 bits digital output via a multipin connector give extended possibilities of interfacing status, marker and sync signals with the PC application.

  ETHERNET-102 V2 Interface
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ETHERNET-102 V2 Interface specifications.

The ETHERNET-102 V2 Interface has the following main characteristics:

Factory defaults for the interface are:

IP address:
Gateway address:
Subnet mask:
Port nr.: 05000


Extra information:


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