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Braintronics is specialized in hardware for EEG and related fields like Sleep and Evoked Potentials. Although we use software inside our amplifiers, we do not sell Analysis Software for EEG and Sleep. The suppliers of such software are our main customers. For these OEM customers (Original Equipment Manufacturers), we supply equipment with customized text plates. Deviations from standard versions are possible and even complete new designs are offered at sufficient quantities.


Experience in development of EEG instruments in Braintronics dates back to 1963. It’s now 54 years ago that the founder of Braintronics joined the Van Gogh company, owned by a relative of the famous Dutch painter. In those days, EEG’s were welded iron constructions with vacuum tubes, weighing some 200 kilo’s and using several kilowatts of power. Times have changed, our current 64 channel amplifier weighs 95 grams and consumes less than a Watt.


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